Thursday, March 8, 2012


So this morning around 8 am I get woken up from some tree trimming guys that were out in the school yard cutting the school's trees. So 8 am might not seem early to some of you people...but it is for me and my very late night/morning of no sleep. Oh, and plus the dog is out there barking its head off cause of all the commotion, so that didn't help. All I wanted to do was sleep...but that didn't happen. Got maybe about 2 hours of sleep if that, ugh. :-/ So today is going to be a lazy/relaxing day, hopefully. Maybe a nap soon...I don't take naps cause they mess with my sleeping and I can't sleep at night. I already have enough problems not sleeping at I don't want to add to that. But I think a nap might be a good thing today. I guess the good thing of being woken up sooo dang early is that I got to eat breakfast at McDonald's and get my oh so yummy caramel frap. I know...not the most healthiest breakfast, but I'm not usually up or in too much of a rush in the morning to ever get breakfast there, so it was nice. Plus I don't usually eat breakfast...probably should, but I value my sleep more and trying to get a little bit more extra sleep then getting up and eating breakfast before work or whatnot. Breakfast was yummy though. :P And I got to sit out in the sun and nice weather and watch the guys cut the trees and try to calm down the crazy dog. Yummy food, Vitamin D, and some cute manly guys, not to bad for my lack of sleep I guess, haha! :) I think I'm going to try to rest some and maybe go on facebook...I'm addicted to fb. Have a great day! :) Oh, and I'm not responsible for any mistakes or not making sense in this post...sooo tired.

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